0,1,2 Deg. HPI Baja5-B, 5-T and SC Truck rear anti squat braces.

HPI Baja and 5-T rear anti squat braces. Anti-Squat This refers to the angle of caster on the rear wheels. Raising the front of the hinge pins of the rear arms gives a caster (anti-squat) angle and helps to transfer the power more evenly, keeping the front of the vehicle from lifting under heavy acceleration. More More anti-squat generally makes the rear of the car more sensitive to throttle input. The car has more steering while braking, and also a little more powering out of corners. On high-traction tracks, it may feel as if the car momentarily has more rear traction accellerating out of corners. A car with more anti-squat can also jump a little higher and further, and it will soak up bumps a little better, off-power. Less Less anti-squat gives more rear traction while accellerating on a slippery or dusty track. It also gives more side-bite. Less anti-squat will make the car accellerate better and faster through bumpy sections. Very little anti-squat (0° or 1°) makes the rear end feel very stable. It also makes power sliding a lot easier. Note that anti-squat only works when you're accellerating or braking, it does absolutely nothing when you're coasting through turns. The harder you brake or accellerate, the bigger the effect of anti-squat is. The self oiling bronze bushing are replaceable and sold separate.

0,1,2 Deg. HPI Baja5-B, 5-T and SC Truck rear anti squat braces.
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