HPI Baja5B, and 5-T PhatDad 300M Crossover Dogbones.

PhatDad 300M Race series Crossover Dogbones are the toughest Dogbones on this planet for your HPI Baja RTR, 2.0, SS and 5-T. These Dogbones are manufactured from the same steel used in the Offroad racing industry that keeps these 750 plus HP machines ripping threw the roughest conditions with no parts failures. Trust me when I say you are getting the best money can buy. PhatDad was one of the first replacement Dogbone options for the HPI BAJA RTR, 2.0, SS and 5-T. The special knurling on the shaft holds your axle boots in place and creates a better seal for the leading edge of the boot to keep out unwanted dirt and sand. Race and Bash tested with no failures on some of the meanest HIGH HP motors on the market. LIFETIME WARRANTY ON DOGBONES ONLY, NOT SET SCREWS OR DOWEL PINS. Includes extra set of 4 grub screws and 4 Dowel pins.

HPI Baja5B, and 5-T PhatDad 300M Crossover Dogbones.
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